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Hawker Fare | Chef James Syhabout Isan Thai & Lao Cookbook

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Hawker Fare Cookbook by Chef James Syhabout

Chef James Syhabout just released his Cookbook and it’s all filled with incredible memories, stories, and delicious recipes.

“In the introduction, Syhabout admits the cookbook is partly an apology for turning his back on his heritage, and it became a way to explore his ethnicity.

The “Hawker Fare” book and the menu offer a glimpse into this exploration. The fried chicken ($14), for example, was his favorite food as a child, and he enhanced it with a charred chile that gives it more complexity. His red curry rice vermicelli noodles ($14) offers a spicy broth filled with chicken, a version of a favorite dish that in the book he says was prepared for weddings, birthdays and Buddhist holidays.” 
– San Francisco Chronicle Article

chef james syhabout
Chef James Syhabout says Hawker Fare isn’t the definitive Lao cookbook and is in no way meant to be. But he is a champion of Lao food because “It’s the little country that could” Eric Wolfinger/HarperCollins Publishers

“What got me into cooking in the first place was this food that I crave and miss. It’s a shame I that I [didn’t] know how to cook it for myself. I didn’t feel complete soulfully as a cook,” Syhabout says. “Make a perfect ice cream? I can do that. Make bread? I can do that. But make jeow padek? I have no clue.” 
Chef James Article & Podcast with ‘All Things Considered’ NPR

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