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Chef Bobby Pradachith Around Laos

It's an incredible moment in the life of this Lao-American chef and we are thankful to share all about his experience after visiting Laos for the first time since he was a little kid!

Podcast w/ Food Without Borders – Heritage Radio Network

Chef Seng talks with Sari Kamin about being a self-taught chef starting a new career in her 40s her experiences as a woman and immigrant business owner, and her work at Thip Khao.

COOK + BOOK – Chef Seng Cooking Demo: KUA MEE

Cooking Demo by Chef Seng ? she will be cooking one of her favorite childhood dishes, a Stir-fried noodle she'd get served in banana leaves or newspaper = KUA MEE! and you will learn how to make it using ingredients from the Toli Moli Burmese Bodega.

Hawker Fare | Chef James Syhabout Isan Thai & Lao Cookbook

Chef James Syhabout just released his Cookbook and it's all filled with incredible memories, stories, and delicious recipes.

Khao Poon Nam Gai Cooking Tutorial By Saeng Doungdara!

Saeng starts the first episode of "Fresh Off the Plate" with a cozy home essential Lao curry noodle soup, khao poon nam gai.

Somphou Market – Dallas, Texas

"The sign out front reads “Somphou,” and if you look them up on Yelp, you will find reviews under that name. But Southammavong’s business card and labels on all their house-made stuff (spring rolls, rice crackers and more) reads “Ly Food Market and Gifts.” - Advocate Oak Cliff Magazine

The Courageous Kitchen connects Hmong, Lao, and Thai Cuisines for a beautiful cause

We shared our food experience and cooked side by side together as one. We (Union Kitchen MN) believe that "food is the ultimate equalizer". It has an ability to bring people together to the table. On this evening we sat "at the table of brotherhood (sisterhood)" together as a family.

Atlanta: Snack Boxe Bistro #YelpIsAllThatJazz

Congrats to Snack Boxe Bistro winning the 1st place at #YelpsAllThatJazz!

Lao Food Podcast at Feast Meets West | Feat. Chef Seng

"Chef Seng Luangrath, joined us in the studio to help us navigate the world of Lao cuisine and talk about sticky rice, a Lao staple food." - Feast Meets West

Lao Studies

The purpose of Our Shared Journey is to celebrate Lao culture and to raise funding to support many of their important and ongoing programs, mainly the Between Two Worlds: Untold Stories of Refugees from Laos.