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Uncle Boun, Chef Bobby, Chef Seng, and Miemo 

“I created the Lao Food Movement with the hope of preserving and promoting our little-known cuisine. The Movement is my effort to educate those who are interested, by connecting people with information about the flavors, recipes, and ingredients that make Lao food unique.”
– Chef Seng [Anthony Bourdain : Parts Unknown]

Lao Food Movement Mission:

  • To help to preserve our cuisine for upcoming generations, and also to uplift and support those who are interested or trying to open their own Lao businesses.
  • To mentor and help out those who are hiding behind a different cuisine for fear of the community acceptance.
  • To support those who want to learn to adjust Lao cuisine to their local produce, without watering down our bold flavors.
  • And also to help non-Lao folks who love our culture and cuisine with their research and portrayal of our gastronomy.

I hope to connect with more Lao food lovers throughout America and internationally, I love traveling and learning from other cultures. If you would like to support us in any way, please email us at